Where does my inspiration come from?

Often when I give talks on the art of creative thinking I am asked where does my inspiration come from. Frankly I have never given that I thought. For me creativity is a way of life. So to address the question where does my inspiration come from, I jotted down a few points in an attempt to answer that question. It is very complex and complicated and not easy to formulate it in a pill form.

I must start by saying, it has to do with mind and body. Keeping my mind in a positive state and in gratitude every moment. I am very lucky to be in company of family and friends who love me dearly. Negative emotions and thoughts become mental blocks and cobwebs that infringe on creativity. As a transformational life coach I am trained in flushing out the thoughts and emotions that don’t serve me.

Maintaining a healthy diet and a mild exercise regime is also an important part of my lifestyle that includes daily meditation. Seeing a finished sculpture or painting in my mind helps me unclog the chatter of maybe, could be, should be.

I maintain a healthy relationship with mother nature. She inspires me and helps me nurture my thoughts. Some of my pieces reflect that. Spending time in nature has become an integral part off my weekly routine.

When I come up with a concept, I get into the essence of the concept by pushing it in and through different versions. I create many versions of the concept in the various media I work in ie: Stone, wood, and paint in canvass etc.

I hope you share more thoughts on creative thinking in my future blogs.